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"5S" and this impact on production management


Referatas anglų kalba. Kokybės vadyba. Introduction to the 5S. 5S and the Total Quality. 5S: Will to Change. The need for Change. Strategies to promote the will to change. Stimulate each collaborator’s individual aspects. Structure Change. Disclosure of the results accomplished. Decrease of errors by human fault. 5S What is it, after all. 5S and the Workers. The 3 platforms of action of the 5S. The Origin of the 5S. SEIRI - Organization. SEITON - Ordination. SEISO – Maintenance/ Cleaning. SEIKETSU - Standardization. SHITSUKE - Discipline. Analysis of 5S impacts in production management. Advices for the implementation of the 5S program. Conclusion.


A lot of people understand the 5S just as a great cleaning that will be carried out throughout the organization. However, such is not the complete scope of the concept; in reality this should work on 3 aspects: physical, intellectual and social. The first is linked to the material things, to the objects that surround us. The second is related to the methods employed for the execution of a certain task. The third, sometimes underestimated, is linked to the people's behavior.
The 5S promotes better values, establishes better habits and creates transparency an environment of transparency. With their simple steps, involving all those that work in the organization, and easily measurable results, the 5S represent an appropriate tool to get the collaborators' compromising in the day of the Quality.
To modify the physical space, eliminating unnecessary objects and altering layouts, or even the intellectual, changing processes, is, without a doubt, easier and faster than to modify the people's head, altering the attitudes and the inadequate behaviors adopted throughout the years. However, only when this last aspect is reached, the organization will have the guarantee that it will be ready to walk, heading for excellence.
Before continue we would like to state that during our research we could find several translations for the 5 Japanese S’s. Based on the whole gathered information we decided to adopt the translations that seem to be more appropriate for us.
The 5S can be implemented as a strategic plan that, throughout the time, will be incorporated in the organization, contributing to attain Total Quality and boasting as advantage the fact that it can produce changes in behavior in all levels of the hierarchy.
Given that many of the concepts of the Total Quality are based in the theory of the continuous improvement - kaizen: kai (change) and zen (become good) - in a first stage it is necessary to establish the culture for such change, using then as basic program the program 5S, presenting as main objectives. ...

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